Culture and Engagement Are Competitive Advantages

Organizations that are intentional about building  culture and engagement are financially more successful than their competitors. Amazing Workplace brings you new insight each week from the industry's best thought leaders, and enables your business to better capitalize your most valuable resource.

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28: When Millennials Take Over (The Workplace)
Millennials aren't just entering the workforce, they are beginning to manage it. The oldest member of this generation is 33, and is established in their career. Jamie and I chat about the impact this shift in the workforce is having on businesses today, how some organizations are already ahead of the game, and much more in this incredibly insightful episode.
27: Building And Managing Remote Teams
We dive into the inspiration behind Process Street, and then get an in-depth walkthrough of Vinay's process for finding, acquiring and managing remote employees and contractors. Vinay shares what his top requirements are for any remote candidate, how the employees have a different experience from the contractors and reveals his process for managing communication and ensuring that everyone feels like they have a voice, regardless of where they're located.
26: The Dealmakers Ten Commandments
Jeff and I had an amazing time chatting not only about his work, but about how we can apply his teachings to their efforts around culture and engagement. The introspection that Jeff pulls his readers through helps us understand the innermost workings of human motivation, which forges stronger, more insightful leaders.